Tom Welling Film Career And Awards

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Most of you must know Tom Welling from the amazing series called Smallville. However, you should know that there is more to this young talented actor than you might have noticed so far. As his career is just starting to develop, Tom Welling already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and will probably continue to gain amazing roles and opportunities as he grows in the field.

The film debut of Tom Welling was in the film Cheaper by the Dozen, in which he played the role of one of the older sons, Charlie Baker. One of the most important things for Tom Welling  was to play alongside Steve Martin, whom he greatly admired since he was little. The film appeared in 2003 and portrayed the hectic life of a large family. His role in this production got him a nomination for the Breakout Star, Male category, at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2004. In 2005, Tom Welling was featured in two cinema productions: The Frog and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. From 2001 until present day, Tom Welling has been playing the role of a young Clark Kent, in the Smallville series. Tom Welling managed to expand his film career through directing seven episodes, being co-executive producer for season 9 and the executive producer of season 10. The role in this series also got him numerous nominations, out of which he managed to win two: the Breakout Star, Male category, at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2002 and the Choice TV Actor, Action Adventure, also at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2009. Tom Welling continues to have a major contribution to Smallville, as well as to be the executive producer of a new series, called Hellcats.

Tom Welling is an amazing actor and his career is just starting, as he has had only few roles so far. For the time being, the most important part is that of Superman for him, which is the reason why he also entered the producing and directing fields through the Smallville series.

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