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Even though Tom Welling is getting past the age of thirty he still looks as if he could play the young Clark Kent from the spin off Superman series named Smallville that we have watched for several years. The series started in 2001 and still continues today which is amazing considering most of the cast and crew have aged at least 9 years and still play the parts of you adults very well. It was lucky for the directors that they picked actors and actresses who were reasonably young and have aged gracefully since the start of the series. There is no telling how long the series might go for until they decide to change it to a real superman series like they had back in the 1950s. Tom Welling may never be a Christopher Reeves however Christopher Reeves has finished his career while Tom is still and up and coming actor who will be sure to be put into more series as well as movies.

In 2005 Tom Welling was introduced to the movies in the remake of the old film called the Fog where he and his friends where terrorized by what was in the fog, some king of evil force of nature from a long past. The movie was not the very best of thrillers however it was still a role that made Tom a little more famous than just being known for Smallville. His other movies are Cheaper by the Dozen as well as the sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen II. In 2010 Tom will appear in the movie length Smallville which is one that will decide the fate of the series. Over his career since the start of the Smallville series back in 2001 the awards nights have been very kind to Tom Welling. One of these awards included Best Actor on Television which is something to write home about.

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Tom Welling in Movies

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Tom Welling is one of our favorite guys in Hollywood. Not only is he incredibly handsome (doh, he used to be a model), but he is also very talented. However, he is not desperate to star in as many productions as possible. And he has no reason to be, since Smallville is one of the most successful TV series of our time. Tom Welling may not have an impressive career, but his 10 years of being the lead in Smallville must count for something. Besides this amazing TV series and a few roles in other TV series, Tom Welling has also starred in a few movies. Three movies, to be more precise. Here are they.

  • Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen is a 2003 American family comedy film about a family with 12 children — the Bakers. Tom Welling portrays Charlie Baker, the second Baker child. When the family moves to Evanston, Charlie is especially affected by the move. This is because all of his memories were in Midland, his hometown. Treated as an outsider by his peers, he grows more detached from the family. Only when he is removed from the football team do his parents notice how much he is suffering. For this part, Tom Welling was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for “Choice breakout movie star (male)”.

  • The Fog

The Fog is a 2005 horror movie directed by Rupert Wainwright and starring Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, and Selma Blair. The movie is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name. Tom Welling portrays Nick Castle, one of the descendants of the men who founded the town of Antonio Island, off the coast of Oregon. When the inhabitants of San Antonio unveil a statue honoring the town founders, a bizarre series of events start to occur, including several gruesome deaths and the presence of a mysterious fog. These events coincide with the return on the island of Elizabeth, Nick’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, The Fog was not well received and won the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for “Worst Film”.

  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is the sequel to the aforementioned family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen. This 2005 comedy film sees Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Tom Welling, Hilary Duff and all the other cast members reprising their roles as members of the 12-child Baker family. Charlie Baker, Tom Welling’s character, who broke up with his girlfriend Beth in the first movie, finds a connection with Anne Murtaugh as they struggle with that they want to do versus what their fathers expect of them. Anne is portrayed by Jaime King.

None of these movies were box office hits. Moreover, most of them were considered to be some of the worst reviewed movies of the 2000s. Clearly, when it comes to movies, Tom Welling made some bad choices. Maybe that’s what determined him to stick with TV series instead. Even though Smallville ended, it is reported that Marvel Studios have expressed an interest in Tom Welling. Since the handsome actor has a penchant for fantasy, too, we are looking forward to seeing what projects will come out of this collaboration.

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Tom Welling Television Credits

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Tom Welling is an actor most well known for the role of the young Clark Kent / Superman in the television series Smallville. In addition to this role, Welling has been a part of numerous other television productions, as well as of film industry projects. Through the roles that he has had so far, the young actor managed to show that he is very talented and that he can be the image of a great variety of personalities. His amazing talent also expands to producing and to directing, as there are many instances in which he managed to take on these opportunities and to make a great name for himself in these matter as well.

Welling started out with his first television role in 2001, when he appeared on Season 2 of Judging Amy for 6 episodes. He played Rob Meltzer and his recurring part was noticed by many, as it can be seen from the fact that this was the moment to move up on his career. In the same year, he was a part of the production of Special Unit 2, in season 1, episode 6 “The Depths”, when he played the Male Victim. Also in 2001, Welling played the role of Tom in Undeclared, in season 1 episode 1 “Prototype”. 2001 came with the start of Smallville as well. The roles that were interpreted by Welling in this series have been the natural ones, as Clark Kent and as Superman, but also some side modifications in the form of the following roles: Jor-El (in season 3, episode 6 “Relic”), Dawn Stiles (in season 4, episode 18 “Spirit”), Bizzaro (in season 6, episode 22 “Phantom” and in season 7, episodes 1 “Bizzaro”, 9 “Gemini” and 10 “Persona”) and Clark Luthor (in season 10, episode 10 “Luthor” and episode 17 “Kent”).

In terms of television credits, Tom Welling has also been listed as a producer and as a director, not just as an actor. In the period 2006-2011, he directed several Smallville episodes, such as: “Fragile”, “Hydro”, “Apocalypse”, “Injustice”, “Absolute Justice”, “Patriot” and ” Booster”. He was involved as a co-executive producer for 21 episodes in season 9, in the period 2009-2010 and then as an executive producer for 21 episodes in season 10. Tom Welling also was the  executive producer for the television series Hellcats, for the 18 episodes of season 1.

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Latest News on Tom Welling

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Discovered by a catalog camera scout at a party in Nantucket, golden boy Tom Welling had no idea what the future holds for him. He started as a construction worker, then he became a successful model, and now he is one of the best actors of his generation. He also has millions of fans who eagerly await for the superhero to come their way. However, this prince charming has found his princess. He has been married to model Jamie A. White since 2002 and the two seem very happy together. The two got married in Martha’s Vineyard. On the day of their wedding, they were surrounded by friends and colleagues, including former Smallville co-stars Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk.

The two decided to live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but they relocated to Los Angeles in March 2011. Sorry girls, it seems that this train has left the station. You can keep on daydreaming about him all you want, though. Now that Smallville is over, it is time for Tom to figure out what to do next. After all, the actor has starred in this hit TV series for 10 years. In a recent interview with the LA Times, he confessed that he is very grateful, but he also knows that it is time to move on. Everyone is wondering what will Tom’s next movie or TV series be. However, it seems that he is not involved in any projects yet. Maybe he just wants to take a vacation, a vacation that he truly deserves after 10 seasons of Smallville. And to think that he turned down the rile of the young Clark Kent twice before accepting it!

This would have prevented him from playing this role longer than any other actor and from being considered one of the best actors to have played this superhero. Meanwhile, Tom Welling tries his hand at golfing. He has hit the golf course for the 11th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational that was held at Aria Resort & Casino at Shadow Creek, Las Vegas. Not only did the actor play golf, but he also smiled and signed autographs for fans who came to watch the highly anticipated tournament. On June 13, Tom Welling gathered with Gabriel Aubry to play golf once again at the SAG Foundation Golf Classic that was held at El Caballero Country Club in Tarzana, Calif. You can golf all you want, Tom, but everyone is expecting to see you on the big or small screen once again!

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Interesting Facts on Tom Welling from Smallville

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Thomas John Patrick Welling, better known as simply Tom Welling, is a renowned and beloved American actor. He is also a director, producer and former model, but he is definitely more famous for his acting career. We all know him from productions such as Smallville, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Fog, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Even though his career has always been on the spotlight, there are still many interesting facts that people do not know about this charming actor. Tom was born on April 26, 1977, in New York City, New York. His family moved around a lot, making stops in Delaware, Wisconsin and Michigan. He graduated from Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan, where he discovered his passion for acting after starring in numerous school plays.

He was also into sports, playing baseball, soccer and basketball. In 1998, Tom was discovered by a catalog camera scout while he was at a party in Nantucket. This is how he started modeling. In 2000, Tom moved to Los Angeles and has modeled there for famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. In the meanwhile, he was also pursuing his acting career. His big break came in 2001, when he made an appearance in the hit TV series Judging Amy. He then got a hit TV series of his own, being cast as the lead character in Smallville. He remained on the show ever since. However, few people know that he turned down the tole of the young Clark Kent twice before accepting it. Another thing that not many know about him is that prior to becoming a model and actor, he worked in construction.

Just like Christopher Reeve, Tom was not crazy about Superman prior to portraying Clark Kent in Smallville, nor does he read any of the Superman comics. People do regard him as Superman, though. After seeing a woman get mugged, Tom came to her rescue and fought off her attackers. The woman said to him: “Wow, you really are Superman”. It seems that Tom Welling does take his part seriously. Just like any other guy, Tom Welling has hobbies and interests. He loves watching Seinfeld, which is his favorite TV show. And his favorite movie is Mutiny on the Bounty. He admires celebrities Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Bob Saget, Marlon Brando, Steve Martin, Robert De Niro and, naturally, Jerry Seinfeld. He is also good friends with Ashton Kutcher, alongside who he modeled.

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Tom Welling As Director And Producer

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Tom Welling is a famous actor of the entertainment industry, who captured audiences and the attention of the media worldwide through the part played in Smallville, as the young version of Superman. Even though most people recognize Tom Welling as an actor, he has been involved in directing and producing activities as well. These have come to show the fact that he has many other skills and talents that can be used in the film industry. Through the movies and episodes, directed or produced by Tom Welling, the young actor showed that there is more to him than the role of Superman in Smallville.

In terms of directing, Tom Welling focused on creating some of the episodes in Smallville. This was an easy task for him, as he was closely involved in the entire production. The results were some of the most amazing episodes of the series, in which true fans can see the directorial influence and personal touch of Tom Welling. Some of the episodes that have been directed by the actor are: “Fragile” (season 5), “Hydro” (season 6), “Apocalypse” (the 150th episode of the series), “Injustice” (season 8) and so on. In terms of producing, Tom Welling was again involved in the making of the famous Smallville series. He was the co-executive producer of season 9. By season 10, Tom Welling was a full executive producer. These instances in which the actor appeared as a director and as a producer brought him even more recognition and acclaim from the entertainment industry.

In addition to his contributions to Smallville, Tom Welling was also featured as an executive producer of the series Hellcats. In all the instances of director and producer, Tom Welling made a great impression and showed people that he has many more skills. Therefore, the fact that everyone knows him now as the young Superman on Smallville will probably soon be changed through other instances. The actor continues to gain roles in various productions, he occasionally models for brands and magazines and takes on producing and directing projects, through which he has expanded his career greatly.

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A Short Biography of Tom Welling

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If you watched at least an episode of Smallville, then you will probably remember young Clark Kent, played by Tom Welling. Tom Welling was cast in the television series Smallville, after a nationwide search for an actor to play Clark Kent. The pilot aired on October 2001, and became the highest rated debut for the WB, with more than 8.4 million viewers. Tom Welling told TV Guide that he turned down the leading role twice, but after reading the script he decided to take on the job. Just like Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling was not very keen on Superman comics and read none of them.

Tom Welling was born in Upstate New York on April 26, 1977. His family moved quite frequently, making stops in Wisconsin, Delaware and Michigan. Tom Welling attended Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan, where he started to act ion school plays. Afterwards he switched to sports, playing baseball, basketball and soccer. Tom Welling was originally a construction worker, when he was discovered in 1998 at a party in Nantucket by a catalogue camera scout, who suggested he should start a modelling career. Tom Welling started modelling and relocated to Los Angeles, where he was a model for Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie&Fitch and Calvin Klein. At the same time, he started to pursue an acting career, since he wanted to experiment with a wide range of emotions. 

Tom Welling was named one of People magazine’s Breakthrough Stars of 2001 and he also won the Teen Choice Award as Choice Breakout Star in 2002 for his role as Clark Kent. Tom Welling had the chance of meeting with Christopher Revees on the set of Smallville, and he was very impressed by the strong character and personality of the actor that portrayed Superman in 5 motion pictures.

In terms of his personal life, Ton Welling has been married to Jamie White, since 2002. They got married in Martha’s Vineyard, accompanied by the friends of Tom Welling and former Smallville co-stars Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum.Tom Welling is a wonderful actor whose career has just started and we will certainly see him in many more roles from now on.

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Tom Welling Opinion About Fame

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Tom Welling huge success came at the same time with his role in Smallville, but he has also acted in several films and television series. Smallville was only the launching of his acting career, but Tom Welling is a talented actor that can portray difficult characters, acting very authentic.  Although Tom Welling was first a model, he is not only a beautiful, charming and attractive man, but also someone who worked for his career, being very ambitious. Tom Welling was not satisfied only with the role he had in Smalville, so he involved in more and more projects.

Tom Welling built his career by acting in films such as The Frog, Cheaper by the Dozen 1, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and has new projects that will amaze his fans. Tom Welling personal life is private, or at least he and his wife try to make it so. Tom Welling  is married to Jamie White, who is a model. He also declared that he  wants to be a celebrity for his work and results, not only for the sake of being a celebrity. Tom Welling was born on 26 April 1977, New York, United States and his family has six members. His younger brother, called Mark, is also an actor. Tom Welling is a good friend with Ashton Kutcher, who was also a model and this is how the two met. After a few castings, Tom Welling became an actor and then he got the role in Smalville, which was very successful, but at the beginning he turned it down. Tom does not want to stop here, but is ready to improve his skills and to have more roles and more interesting characters to portray. He is very ambitious and knows what he wants. Welling struggles to keep his private life away from the spotlight and have a great acting career, based on work, efforts and of course, talent. For all these, Tom Welling is one of the Hollywood celebrities that has to be admired for the way he thinks and also talent.

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Tom Welling Film Career And Awards

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Most of you must know Tom Welling from the amazing series called Smallville. However, you should know that there is more to this young talented actor than you might have noticed so far. As his career is just starting to develop, Tom Welling already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and will probably continue to gain amazing roles and opportunities as he grows in the field.

The film debut of Tom Welling was in the film Cheaper by the Dozen, in which he played the role of one of the older sons, Charlie Baker. One of the most important things for Tom Welling  was to play alongside Steve Martin, whom he greatly admired since he was little. The film appeared in 2003 and portrayed the hectic life of a large family. His role in this production got him a nomination for the Breakout Star, Male category, at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2004. In 2005, Tom Welling was featured in two cinema productions: The Frog and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. From 2001 until present day, Tom Welling has been playing the role of a young Clark Kent, in the Smallville series. Tom Welling managed to expand his film career through directing seven episodes, being co-executive producer for season 9 and the executive producer of season 10. The role in this series also got him numerous nominations, out of which he managed to win two: the Breakout Star, Male category, at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2002 and the Choice TV Actor, Action Adventure, also at the Teen Choice Awards, in 2009. Tom Welling continues to have a major contribution to Smallville, as well as to be the executive producer of a new series, called Hellcats.

Tom Welling is an amazing actor and his career is just starting, as he has had only few roles so far. For the time being, the most important part is that of Superman for him, which is the reason why he also entered the producing and directing fields through the Smallville series.

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Tom Welling Smallville Success

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Becoming successful in the entertainment industry is not easy at all. It requires a lot of work and a great talent to become an appreciated Hollywood star. Well, Tom Welling surely has them both, but the actor is also famous all around the world for his looks and the modeling career that has helped Tom Welling first achieve fame.

Tom Welling first became famous as a model, but the star has always known that he wanted to become an actor. And despite the numerous projects that Tom Welling received when it comes to modeling, he decided to pursue an acting career and make all sacrifices with the purpose to achieve it. After modeling for numerous popular brands, Tom Welling received his first acting role. The major breakthrough for Tom Welling came when the star was cast in Karate Rob. However, the most famous television series in which Tom Welling has ever been cast is Smallville. Tom Welling is the main actor of Smallville and the star pictures the role of Superman, in his youth. The whole television show managed to become extremely popular, while Tom Welling gained more fans all around the world.

Smallville first aired in October 2001. Since the very first moment when Smallville was aired, fans loved it, so it became the highest-rated debut series, as more than 8.4 million people decided to watch it. Soon after the release of this movie, Tom Welling became People magazine’s Breakthrough Star of 2001. And that was the moment when Tom Welling’s career started to grow. Still, despite the fact that Tom Welling has managed to become very famous in short time, the actor has never left fame take over. So, Tom Welling is one of the few stars which have always been able to stay away from issues in their personal lives. Tom Welling is currently happily married to Jamie White. The couple wedded in 2002 and they have always claimed that they want their private life to actually remain private. And it surely seems that Tom Welling and Jamie White have managed to do so, at least until now, staying away of the public eye.

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Tom Welling Personal Life

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Everyone has heard about Tom Welling. He is a star and a talented actor that has numerous fans all over the world. Tom Welling remains however best known for his role in Smallville. The actor played Clark Kent, or better said Superman in his youth, in the famous television show. And Smallville surely was a very successful television series. For his role in Samllville, Tom Welling has many times received recognition, being awarded at numerous events.

Well, what you need to also know about Tom Welling is that his career was never limited to acting, but he also tried his luck as a movie director and producer. He is the executive producer and director of Cheaper by the Dozen and The Fog. Anyway, you definitely also know Tom Welling as one of the sexiest starts in Hollywood. And there is a catch to that. Tom Welling has worked as a professional model before starting a career in acting. He actually reached a point in his modeling career in which he modeled for major fashion houses, such as Calvin Klein. Anyway, he always wanted to become an actor and Tom Welling surely managed to make that dream come true.

Tom Welling is one of the actors who has always managed to stay away of scandals and trouble. And such stars are really a rarity in Hollywood, mostly when they become famous at a very young age. Well, Tom Welling is an exception, as despite the fact that he became very famous in his twenties, he has always been focused on his career. And Tom Welling achieved a lot both in his career and personal life. Tom Welling is currently married to Jamie A. White. Jamie is also a model and the couple wed in 2002. It seems that they are happily married and they are currently living in Canada. Tom Welling has always wanted to keep his private life really private and it looks like he managed to do so, at least until now. Both Tom Welling and his wife have wanted to stay away of the public’s eye and maybe that helped them have a successful marriage. Tom Welling wedding also was such an event. Tom Welling wedding to Jaime was an intimate event at which only family members and close friends were present. At Tom Welling wedding also were invited some colleagues from the set of Smallville, Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum.

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